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There are as many misleading facts about Lancaster Armoury (L/A) Swords as there are good reasons to buy one:

“They are very thick blades – too heavy to use”;
The same statement applied to most available swords during 1995 - 1998. You will be very surprised at the stable light weights now being offered… and with only two blades returned or reported broken within the last 8 years (this represents only 2 out of more than 600 blades)… we are happy to warrant our blades for two years.

“My group won’t allow them because they will break every one else’s blade weapons”;
This is not true. Simply explained, our blades start their life as a softer metal than almost every other maker’s blades, and it requires you to work harden the outer edges through use (leaving the inner core as a softer, very pliable and stable foundation). Your Swords are more likely to break going edge to edge with each other than against a Lancaster Armoury blade.
Two elements are required to break your blades;
1) Force of impact; IE. “YOU” are required to strike each others blades with excessive force and velocity.
2) Hardness of blades; Your Blades are probably spring steel which is hardened to about “55 rockwell” (a unit of measuring hardness in metal). Our blades are not spring steel and are hardened to between “42 to 44 rockwell, they are softer and more pliable”.

“The blade edges burr up and require filing down”;
This is true, they are softer by design and you are required to use them to harden the edges, the more they are used the quicker the edges will “season”, after which time the edges will require no more maintenance than your original pieces… a small price to pay for a Sword to last your lifetime.

“The Sword does not conform to our group safety specifications”;
Have you asked if we can make a blade to your specific safety specifications? We make our blades from scratch, so it is easy for us to incorporate your requirements during manufacture. Ask us…

“I can buy a cheaper Indian imported piece”;
So can we… for probably much less money than you can. Unfortunately we could not guarantee it for anything other than use as a show or dress piece. If you only need a dress sword, buy an imported piece. If you want a reliable piece likely to last your lifetime, buy ours.

“The designs being offered do not appeal to me”;
This is probably the one good reason for not buying our Swords! Why not send us a picture of the particular design you want, let us see if we can make the piece you want. BUT! Please don’t ask us to reproduce a film piece which is protected under copyright.

“You do not make sharps”; ~~~~ ~~~~ CORRECT, we don’t.

Actual fact:-
Lancaster’s Armourie Swords are used in Full contact Sword tourneys.
Our full contact medieval tournaments truly started in 2000 and they’re now a normal and welcome attraction at our “EWS & EMA” trade shows. They are a “fun way” of allowing people to explore their medieval combat in a safe and controlled environment. We now run 8 tourney events during the year - with upwards of 12 matched pairs taking part each day for two days, culminating in a grand champion final each October. This equates to about 190 pairs of full contact combat each year - over 700 pairs since 2000. From the very beginning, we insisted participants use only our blades because we were certain they would not fail (I think we’ve proved our point).

I was recently asked “what special preparations do you give to the weapons used in the tourneys”?
My answer was; “none - the actual weapons used have always been the same set of personal kit belonging to our family and friends - who also use them at medieval events. The oldest is the Flambard at 10 years old; the youngest is “my” light Sword being just 5 years old…
They truly are, exactly the same pieces you would buy from us now…. “