A large Viking sword dating to the 9th Century found in Norway.  Suitable for re-enactment and full contact fighting.   The sword blade is blunt with a rounded tip.  The blade has a dull edge with a thickness of no less than 2.5mm.

This sword has a wide fuller going most of the blade and is based on a design found in Norway dated to the 9th Century.  The decorative pommel is a great counterweight for this bigger blade, it has 2 sets of parrel lines cut into it, simple but attractive. has a slender and tapering blade with a single deep central fuller.  The grip is oval, contoured and firm in the hand, finished in ‘string-wrapped’ patterned genuine leather, which can come either in a standard black or a range of hand-dyed colours (see drop-down menu).  The sword is a Peterson Type C

The length of both the blade and the grip can be adjusted to suit your requirements.   The sword depicted has a blade length of 71cm, a grip length of 12cm and is 5cm wide at the shoulder. This particular configuration gives a point of balance of circa 10cm and weighs in at circa 1.65kgs.  Of course, changes made to these dimensions will alter the properties of the sword. Whichever configuration you select from the drop-down menus, your sword will be manufactured to be both well-balanced and manoeuvrable and comfortable to swing.


As customers of Lancaster Armoury have come to expect, the sword blade continues to be made from the same steel alloy (containing Chromium and Molybdenum) which Lancaster Armoury has used for decades. This is tough steel and therefore we can offer a 2-year warranty on the sword blade.


The colour of the leather may vary slightly from the products depicted on this website.

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The Great Heathen

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