About Us

Lancaster Armoury Limited is now owned by Matthew Finchen, who acquired the business from the Lankford family and the estate of the late Roger Lankford.

Lancaster Armoury. Lancaster Armoury supplies swords for full contact re-enactments and international practitioners of Escrima. The range of edged weapon products available will cover everything from the Bronze age to the 16th Century, but as yet the entire product range is not yet back in production. Those items available now are listed for sale on this website, subject to stock availability.

Arms & Armour from throughout the ages…

There are major changes to the edged weapons and armour available from Lancaster Armoury. The only thing that remains constant will be the LA armourers mark on the new products. This stamp represents a badge of quality for practical and authentic period armour suitable for use on the re-enactment battlefield. Some of these are already on the field so to speak and are available for order now.

The one thing that has not changed is the company's marketing policy, it was and remains a simple statement:

“If you are pleased with what we’ve made you – please tell every one. If you are not! Please tell us so we can correct our mistakes”

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