Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

EDGED WEAPONS POLICY: Lancaster Armoury Limited reproduction swords and other edged weapons are only available to persons over the age of 18 years (proof will be required) and that are Museums, Collectors, Martial Arts Specialists, Historical Re-enactors, Stage and show presenters and others who would have a valid reason to buy them. We do NOT sell sharp edged weapons, and do not intend to do so. By purchasing from Lancaster Armoury Limited you are agreeing NOT to put a sharp edge on any of our weapons.

Goods’ shall mean the articles (e.g. weapons and /or armour) or services (e.g. weapons and / or armour refurbishment) that a customer (the ‘Client’) agrees to buy from LA. LA reserves the right to vary the specification of its Goods from time to time in the interests of safety and authenticity.

All prices for Goods are confirmed before taking a deposit. Any quotation and estimated delivery timescales given by LA are valid for a maximum period of 4 (four) weeks from the date of quotation. LA reserves the right to re-quote for any orders received outside of the quotation validity period. Unless otherwise indicated, all prices quoted exclude delivery and packaging, and shipments will always include appropriate insurance.

A 33% deposit (rounded up to the nearest £10.00) secures your order. If the order is cancelled by the Client the deposit is non refundable except in circumstances where LA is unable to fulfill the order. Any stage payments made are also non refundable where the Client cancelled the order. LA reserves the right to cancel the order at any stage. In such circumstances any payment(s) made for the cancelled goods will be refunded.

All prices are exclusive of any delivery charges and insurance which shall be charged at cost.

All prices are in Pounds Sterling, and all payments are to be received by us in Pounds Sterling. The client is responsible for paying any exchange rate and cash transfer fees and will be responsible for reimbursing us for any such charges which we incur in this respect.

All UK Cheques should be made to Lancaster Armoury Limited.

For all orders under £1,000, the balance is due prior to dispatch, or as cleared funds upon collection from our premises.

For all single orders over £1,000, or multiple orders in aggregate in excess of £1,000, LA reserves the right to request and the Client shall pay appropriate stage payments prior to the completion of the Goods, leaving a final balance outstanding of not more than 20% of the order value upon completion.

Legal ownership and title in the Goods shall remain with LA until such time as the final payment due has been received as cleared funds.

Upon notification that Goods have been completed for the Client, full payment must be received within three months (90 days) of such notification otherwise LA reserve the right to forfeit the deposit and any stage payments received. In such an event that final payment has not been received within the aforementioned time, the order will deem to be abandoned and shall be regarded as cancelled.

All reasonable efforts will be made to contact the client but if contact details change it is the responsibility of the Client to inform us.

Should the Client wish to make changes to the Goods specification, after accepting a quotation, they need be aware that the viability of the proposed change(s) needs to be discussed with LA and that such changes may incur additional cost and /or result to a change to the targeted completion date. LA reserves the right to decline to accept such proposed changes and to complete the original order. In the event that the Client opts to cancel the order, in such circumstances the deposit is non refundable.

Should the Client wish to postpone the completion of a project (such as a complete armour harness) due to unforeseen circumstances, then LA will work with the Client to determine which part of the order should be completed and which parts of the order can be postponed. As a rule any part of the order already started to be manufactured at the time of such postponement will need to be completed and paid for in full at the value attributed to that part of the order. In the event of a prolonged postponement, LA reserves the right to re-quote for the continuation of the project, or to cancel the order.

Any completion dates advised for orders are estimates only and cannot be guaranteed. The Client needs to be aware that LA will strive to complete an order by the time specified but cannot accept responsibility for delayed completion and or delivery should the delay be caused by circumstances occurring that are beyond its reasonable control. Such circumstances include, but are not restricted to, breakdown of machinery, lack of material availability, accident or sickness.

At the time of ordering Goods which are dependent on other items being made available to the Client by other suppliers (e.g. arming doublets for armour, or medieval style shoes for sabatons, etc.) any delay in their availability can have a knock-on effect on the delivery of your order from LA.

Any material change in the Client’s measurements due to weight gain, or weight loss, can result in extra costs if there is any resultant extra work involved.  Please notify us as soon as practicably possible should this occur. The accuracy of any measurements provided by the Client to LA shall be the responsibility of the Client. We strongly recommend that the Client allows LA to take accurate measurements prior to the commencement of an order, and that LA cannot accept responsibility for any fitment problems which subsequently arise where the Client has not been able to visit us for measurement, and where requested, interim and final fittings.

Guarantee: All new Goods manufactured by LA are guaranteed against faulty materials and/or substandard workmanship for a period of twelve months from the delivery date to or collection by the Client. Refurbishments or repairs are guaranteed for three months from the delivery date to or collection by the Client.

Whereas LA makes all reasonable endeavours to ensure its goods are suitable for their intended use (the staged re-enactment of medieval style combat (the ‘Activity’)); the Client should note the following:

  • The Client acknowledges and accepts that by the very nature of LA’s Goods and using them for the use for which they are intended carries potential personal risk, as well as potential risk to third parties taking part in the Activity, including the risk of physical injury as well as damage to garments, armour and other weapons and accordingly the Client is personally responsible for ensuring that each participant in the Activity is aware of such risks;

  • LA recognises the Client understands the potential risks involved in the use of LA’s Goods and the Client fully accepts liability for that use. LA and its employees cannot accept any liability for injury or damage resulting from the handling, wearing or maintaining of the Goods once LA has supplied them to the Client;

  • Liability for damage or physical loss of property of the Client resulting from the failure of its Goods, shall not be excluded by LA provided that LA’s liability shall not exceed the lesser of the cost of repair or replacement of the Goods and the cost of shipping within the UK mainland. Such liability shall be for twelve months from the date of dispatch to the Client, or collection of the Goods by the Client for new orders, or three months in the case of refurbishments or repairs;

  • Once the Goods have been supplied to the Client, LA and its employees shall not be liable for the failure of the Goods, or failure resulting from fair ‘wear and tear’, wilful damage, the alternation or modification of the Goods by other than LA, negligence or failure to follow LA’s instructions for the maintenance of the Goods;

  • In the event the Client contacts LA concerning the failure of its Goods, the Client shall give LA reasonable opportunity to inspect the Goods which have failed, and if requested by LA, the Client will return the goods to LA’s operating premises (not the Registered Office address) at the Client’s expense, to enable LA to carry out an inspection;

  • Except as expressly provided in these conditions, all other warranties or statements, terms and conditions that may be implied by statute, or common law custom of trade, or otherwise are excluded.

These terms and conditions are subject to the Laws of England and Wales, and they are subject to the jurisdiction of the English Courts.

The order between LA and the Client is subject to these terms and conditions.

Our contact details for arms and armour enquiries are:

Matt Finchen at

Email: matt@lancasterarmoury.co.uk

Tel (+44) 01623 464 094

Postal: 47 Grove Street, Mansfield Woodhouse, Nottinghamshire, NG19 8BU (operating address)

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