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Construction Periods

As you may be aware, all of our arms and armour are hand made for each individual customer. This means that the precious commodity known as time is an unfortunate victim of the process.Example content image using the class .alignright

Times can vary quite dramatically, dependent on a number of factors. Firstly, and perhaps the biggest cause we have, is the time of year. We get a lot more orders during the "season" than we do "off season". This means that orders close to the start of a season (March - June) build up quite quickly. With more orders to fulfill, we have to allow more time to do so, which reflects on our construction periods.

We also have to take into consideration the order, whether it is for Arms or Armour, and what type of Arms/Armour it is. Obviously, the construction period for a Buckler Shield is a lot less than for a complete set of leg and arm armour, likewise with a lot of our arms (War Sword in comparison to a Rondell Dagger for instance).

Our waiting times are usually around 4 weeks in December and January, rising almost weekly to around 5 months in July and August.

The best advice we can give to you is to place your order as soon as you can, to allow ample time for us to produce and ship your items to you. It is a good idea to contact us to find out the waiting time prior to placing your order, especially if you require the items before a specific date.

Please see our Contact Us page for information on getting in touch.