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Example content image using the class .alignrightWe are pleased to confirm that Lancaster Armoury Co, the brainchild of the late Roger Lankford, has transferred to Matthew Finchen, a young professional armourer who also trades under the banner of Avant Armouries.

promo1Roger Lankford built up this incredible business over the past three decades and his swords and armour have now graced many a battlefield. Matt fully intends to bring Roger's entire edged weapon product portfolio back into production, including a couple of new designs which Roger had been working on.

prmo2Matt is now based in Roger's old workshop, will be using the same UK based suppliers and endeavouring to achieve the same exacting standards we have all come to expect from one of Roger's swords.  The biggest change will be in the new armour designs which Matt will be launching at Roger's affordable prices. These will be officially launched at this year's Tewkesbury Medieval Fayre.
You can follow Matt's weekly progress on Facebook.

promo5Matt and his team are looking forward to meeting you at Tewkesbury, Bosworth and Caldicot, or at his new premises, by appointment.


promo3Arms & Armour from throught the ages...

Lancasters Armoury kit list is now very comprehensive and covers pieces for most periods from 640 BC to 1460 AD:-
Daggers & Poniards, Short Basilard arming Swords, Light Swords and Long Swords, Hand & Half Scottish claymores and English War Swords. Great Swords, Double Handed Swords and Great Flambards. Glaives, Anglo Norse Axes, Crescent Axes, Maces, Great Helms, Salets, Barbutes, Basinets, Sugarloaf & Kettle helms.  Milanese Plate Gauntlets, Fingered Gauntlets, Buckler hand shields, Black prince plate Armour and Gothic style Armour. With all the armour available as an easy to assemble “Self Assembly Kit”.promo4

The one thing that has not changed is the company's marketing policy, it was and remains a simple statement:

“If you are pleased with what we’ve made you please tell every one. If you are not! Please tell us so we can correct our mistakes”